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Carshop is an online marketplace for buying and selling vehicles in Sri Lanka. The website offers a wide variety of vehicles including cars, vans, buses, trucks, and other vehicles. It allows users to search for vehicles based on different criteria such as make, model, price, and location, and also allows them to post their own vehicles from mobiles for sale on the platform. Carshop provides a convenient and efficient way for people to buy and sell cars in Sri Lanka.

Carshop lists brands such as Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Mazda, KIA, Mitsubishi. Tata, Micro, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Peugeot and Ford. We also have a customer support team to assist buyers and sellers throughout the process.

Carshop is a great platform for those looking to buy or sell a vehicle in Sri Lanka.. With a wide variety of vehicles available, competitive prices, and a user-friendly interface, it is a popular choice for many buyers and sellers. Additionally,'s customer service and support ensure a hassle-free experience for both buyers and sellers.

Overall, Carshop is a reliable and trustworthy platform for buying and selling vehicles in Sri Lanka, providing a great service to the customers. It is a great platform for those looking for a new or used vehicle, with a wide range of options available to suit any budget and lifestyle.

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Site Description- Carshop Car Sale to buy & sell cheap cars

Carshop is an online car sale platform that allows users to buy and sell new and used vehicles in SRI LANKA. Users can browse through a variety of vehicles, such as cars, vans, bikes, trucks, and buses, and filter them by price, model, year, and location. Users can also post their own vehicles for sale, upload photos and videos, and contact potential buyers or sellers. Carshop provides a secure and convenient way to find the best deals on vehicles in SRI LANKA.
Some advantages of using Carshop are:

Easy and convenient: You can buy or sell vehicles online without having to visit dealerships or showrooms. You can also compare prices, models, and features of different vehicles with just a few clicks.

Secure and reliable: You can trust Carshop to provide you with verified and quality vehicles. You can also use their secure payment methods and delivery services. You can also contact their customer support team for any queries or issues.

Variety and choice: You can find a wide range of vehicles on, from cars to buses, from new to used, from local to imported. You can also filter your search by location, budget, year, and more. You can also post your own vehicle for sale and reach out to thousands of buyers.
Some tips for buying a used car on Carshop are:

Set a budget and stick to it: You should decide how much you can afford to spend on a used car and look for vehicles that fit your price range. You can use the filters on to narrow down your search by price, model, year, and location. You should also factor in the costs of ownership, such as fuel, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

Do your research: Before you contact a seller, you should do some background research on the vehicle you are interested in. You can check the ratings, reviews, and features of different models on or other websites. You can also compare prices of similar vehicles to see if you are getting a fair deal.
Check the vehicle history report: One of the most important steps in buying a used car is to check the vehicle history report. This will show you the previous owners, accidents, repairs, mileage, and other details of the vehicle.

Inspect and test-drive the car: Before you buy a used car, you should inspect it thoroughly and test-drive it. You should look for any signs of damage, rust, leaks, or wear and tear. You should also listen for any strange noises or vibrations. You should test-drive the car on different roads and conditions to see how it performs. You can also bring a friend or a mechanic to help you with the inspection and test-drive.

Negotiate a good deal: Once you have found a car that meets your needs and budget, you should negotiate with the seller to get the best price possible. You should be polite and respectful, but also firm and confident. You should point out any flaws or issues that you have noticed in the car and use them as leverage. You should also be prepared to walk away if the seller is not willing to meet your offer.